Hire our Waiters in Paris

Our professional wait staff and banquet servers are the front liners for your parties and events. Their main responsibility is to accommodate your guests and make sure that they are provided all their needs.

Our waiters and banquet staff can serve cocktails and drinks, hors dóeuvres and plates during your banquet and dining events. They can also serve doing multiple tasks in most parties and events.

Hire our reliable and experienced waiters and banquet servers ready to serve your parties and events!


Bartenders and Mixologists in Paris

Our professional and skilled bartenders and mixologists prepare and mix cocktails and mocktails for you and your guests. They also establish excellent customer experience towards you and your guests.

Our bartenders can prepare classic and innovative cocktails while our mixologist creates bespoke recipes based on your alcohol preferences.

Our bartenders and mixologists assists us in suggesting the right cocktail menu for your event.

Hire our experienced and creative bartenders and mixologists ready to serve your parties and events!

We also provide the following event staff in Paris, Bordeaux, Cannes, Lyon, Marseille, Nice and Toulouse.

Trade Show Hosts and Hostesses

We provide professional event staff to both corporate and private customers for your trade shows and exhibitions, promotional and marketing campaigns, as well as private parties and other corporate events. We select our staff based on their work experience, their customer service skills, their ability to work in a team, and most importantly, their personability.

Brand Ambassadors

Our Brand Ambassadors, similar to our Promo Models, carries your corporate identity as well as your company´s values when representing your brand. They do so through marketing campaigns, outdoor promotions, trade shows etc. They are there to assist you in increasing brand awareness and product/service knowledge and contribute to the success of your campaign or event.

Promotional Models

Promo Staff

Our promotional models are your high-end representatives for your brand. Their presence will certainly contribute in elevating your brand, products or services and make it appealing to your target consumers during your marketing and promotional campaigns. They will interact directly with your market as well as provide them information regarding your brand, products or services.

Model Waiters

With their good looks, they will represent you and execute your event goals for you, not just by serving cocktails and hors d´oeuvres to your guests and visitors, but also by establishing positive interaction with your guests. Our model waiters are ideal for premium parties and events, their presence will surely create a lasting impression for your brand.

Model Bartenders

For events where good looks are an essential part of complementing your brand, we provide you with professional models who are not just eye candies but also professional and experienced bartenders as well. Our model bartenders are ideal for premium parties and events, their presence will surely create a lasting impression for your brand.

Flair Bartenders

Elevate your events with top-notch entertainment with our professional and award winning flair bartenders.  Performing their choreographed routine will certainly wow your guests.  We can also customize flair show routines to highlight your brands as well as your crowd! Ideal for trade shows and corporate events.

Event Chefs

Private Chefs

Need chefs for your events? We can provide you with professional chefs with varying culinary expertise and extensive food preparation and management experience. We have options for daily, weekly and monthly requirements.

Line Cooks

Our line cooks, a crucial part of the culinary team, will prepare and cook varying cuisines and desserts per your specification.   All our cooks have extensive background and experience having worked for top local and international restaurants and catering companies.

Kitchen Assistants

Kitchen Assistants can sort and prepare (wash, peel, cut) ingredients and can assist in cooking. They can also assist in preparing desserts, washing kitchen equipments and utensils and maintain the kitchen area spotless.